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Newfound Hope provides treatment and housing for Native American families. Our robust services for the entire family include outpatient day treatment, therapy services, psychiatric services, housing for families and single individuals, parenting classes, GED program, yoga and meditation classes, childcare services, peer support available 24/7, meals provided by a trained chef, and culturally based appropriate classes and activities that promote wellness and well-being for the entire family. 

 Quality Care and Clinical Excellence

While at Newfound Hope, clients can expect to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect in a contained and safe environment. We specialize in helping the entire family unit and adhere to implementing the most effective treatment modalities to help individuals who struggle with addictions, mood regulation difficulties, and other issues that prevent the individual to living life in the most meaningful and fulfilling manner possible. 


The program at Newfound Hope is evidenced based and our curriculum teaches individuals the skills and tools they need to manage their lives in an effective and balanced manner. Using cognitive therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention skills, art and music therapy, as well as other evidenced based treatment modalities, we have created a program that addresses underlying issues to the use of maladaptive behaviors and helps individuals implement more effective ways to cope with stressors and emotional dysregulation. Our individualized program helps clients achieve the highest level of recovery and well-being, while being supported by our highly skilled and trained staff, who are always available to compassionately help clients along their recovery journey. Our clinical and medical team provide on-site services to help address both mind and body, and we work collaboratively as a treatment team to provide the best treatment outcomes for clients. 

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Our professional and compassionate staff are here to help you determine if our program is a great fit for you. 

Please call our admissions team at 480.418.6386 or fill out the form below

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